Set decorators sketch

You’ve just finished meeting with the Production Designer and Director, and you need…

  1. 1960’s era pastel green Venetian blinds with vinyl tapes for a school classroom
  2. A roller shade that looks like it’s been hanging in a Main Street gas station for 20 years or
  3. Retro blue and mauve vertical blinds for your early 80’s set

…and, you need it in less than a week!

For the past three decades,

Strickland’s Set Services has been fulfilling requests just like these — asap — for set decorators all over the country. Here are some of projects we’ve worked on in the past:

  • 2” aluminum blinds for a PTA meeting
  • Mini blinds for an FBI room
  • Motorized blinds for an executive office
  • Roller shades for a tugboat wheelhouse
  • Wooden blinds for a diner
  • Silhouette shades for a bedroom
  • 2″ aluminum blinds for a police station
  • Vertical blinds for a hospital
  • Roller shades for a bedroom
  • Roller shades for a school
  • Woven wood shades for a child’s bedroom
  • Cellular shades for a bedroom
  • Double roller shades for a kitchen
  • Retro macrame vertical blinds for a living room
  • Mini-blinds for a bathroom
  • Roman shades for a living room
  • Screen shades for a bullpen
  • 2″ wood blinds for a school
  • 2″ aluminum blinds for a law office
  • Cellular shades for a camper
  • Plantation shutters for a front door
  • Wood blinds for a back door
Contact us with questions, requests for samples, or to place your order.